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My Quote Page
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Welcome to my web site!

I love quotes. Love quotes, other quotes, funny quotes, sad quotes...any quotes. This is my page with all of the quotes I've collected and liked. Some are from songs, some are mine, but most come from a quote bored I visit. Most of them dont have the author, I'm sorry if one of your's is on here let me know so I can put your name with it. I take no credit for any of these!!! Please dont get mad, if its on here just email me and i'll do something about it for you.

Also, I have included a section about me in here, it has a pic of me and some basic info. Under the my writing section are some of my poems, all of these are strictly written by me! If you would like to use them just contact me and I'll more then likely give you permission!
Thats all, enjoy the quotes and poems!!!


My live journal

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