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My Writing 2

Lying under the stars
The moon has already set
I listen to the cars
As my cheeks began to get wet

The tears coming down
Salty and sweet they taste
My mouth pulling into a frown
As they roll down with more haste

The man for whom i week
Sits comfortably far away
Dreaming in some peaceful sleep
Of a love, perhaps to stay

Perhaps he does not know
Maybe to blind to see
That the words of love I sew
Are directed specificly to thee

You make me feel good
You simply build me up
You trick me into loving you
And that you'll catch me when I fall

But then for fun you shake my life
And watch me tumble to the ground
You watch me hurnt and watch me suffer
And laugh at my foolishness

You make me fall in love with you
And distort my reality
You listen to my dreams
Then make fun of my faith

You treat me bad
And make me cry
You strip my pride
And kill my courage

You entrap me
And dont let me go
Then you push me away
And despise me

You do all these things
And even worse
You drain me of all life
But even though, I still love you

Seeing you today
Seeing you with her today
I didnt think I'd be ok
I figure I'd come home and cry
That inside, my heart would die

I thought my worst nightmare had come true
That once again I'd pine for you
Pain again would fill my life
To simply live would be with

But I guess that I was wrong
And in my heart, you dont belong
It seems that I"m not to be blue
That finally, I am over you

Seeing you two, it brought me pain
But this time, I had something to gain
And you are now in my past
Heartaches, it seems, dont always last

My addiction
Pain, stabbing my heart
But you dont even care
This emptyness engulfs me
As I think of life without you

You ment so much to me
But I ment little to you
You used me, and tossed me away

I gave up my true love
For one sinful kiss of your lips
You took something that is lost forever
YOu have etched yourself in my heart

You have become my only need
SOmething I want but cannot touch
You are my forbidden fruit
My one and only desire

My Writing

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