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About Me

Hellow, My name is Candice Groden (Candi). I live in Tulsa, Ok. I just graduated this year and am attending [hopefully] TCC in the fall. I am 5'5 short black hair, with longer bangs. I have green/blue eyes and I am about 200 lbs. I have a boyf named Austin who I love very much... I am VERY opinionated about almost everything. I enjoy reading, writing, swimming, basketball, drama, and being with my friends.

I listen to muzick all the time, almost anything from soft rock to country, and hard rock to oldies. About the only things I cant stand are : Rap, some R & B, Britney, Christina,(all the other lil gurls out there), nsync, bsb, (all the other lil boy bands out there). My favs are, Kottonmouth Kings, Coal Chamber, Tool, 1Nine Inch Nails, Bush, SLipknot, Kittie, Korn, LimpBizkit, ICP, etc... If there is anything you would like to know other then what I have listed, please feel free to email me.

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