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My Writing

Here are a few of the poems I have wrote over the years. If you would like more, or want to use them just email me and ask please!

Sometimes late at night I think of him
My thoughts flowing over the rim
I think of how I miss him
And how I've dreamed of him

Then I wonder where he could have gone
Then I wonder if he knew
How my love for him
Was blind and true

I never really got to say goodbye
It hurts enough to cry
I think of all the things I never said
A million things burst inside my head

How much I miss him
How my thoughts always turn to him
How much he meant to me
The way he made me feel inside

But above all else
I don't think he knew
How much I loved him
And how true

But now he's gone
A sad empty place
Where my heart used to belong
Every time I think of him

The Heart
I loved him with all of my heart
But someone threw at it a dart
Then it broke like a rose from its stem
Now it no longer beats for him

Now I sit here and remember
All that once was
And all that we one were

Once you said you would always love me
Now you ask if we can be friends

Once I would sit here and think of our first kiss
Now I sit here and wonder if there was something I missed

Once I would sit here and dream of being with you all my life
Now just the thought of you hurts

Once I would sit here and see your smiling face
Now I sit here and silently wipe away my tears

So I wrote this poem
While thinking of you
I hope it does justice
To what once was, a dream come true

I see you in the halls
But you just pass me by
"Why can't this bee like my dreams?" I cry
In my dreams you stop
You take me in your arms
And never let me go
But this isn't a dream
Its just reality
And until you notice me
Held in my heart is where
These dreams shall be

When I look at you
When I look at you
My pulse begins to race
Every time I gaze
At your loving face

I then start to blush
As I see your eyes meet mine
We both begin to smile
I take that as a sign

A sign that you like me
As much as I like you
The room begins to fade
Leaving just us two

You take my hand
Without a word
I'm hoping you'll say
Something I've rarely heard

But then you let
My hand fall to my side
At once I know
My feelings for you I must hide

I cannot forget
The way that I feel
I'm sorry but no
My feelings are too real

I won't forget
When your hand was in mine
I was truly happy
For a short sweet time

When I close my eyes
When I'm with you
I start to understand
And as I struggle to grasp
The true meaning

I close my eyes and see:
Starz burning brightly
And glittering like diamonds
Across a midnight blue sea

Is this love?
Or just a desire?
Do you feel this too?
This soul burning fire?

A fantasy
You want to be friends
I want to be much more

You ask me to dance
I wish the song was slower

While you say "I'll see you tomorrow"
I wish for a goodnight kiss

When you look at other gurls
I become envious

But I know my dreams wont come true
So I respect your wishes

And keep my fantasy of us together
Locked up inside my heart

My friends tell me you like me
But I just shrug
They say I should pay attention to you
But I just shrug

While you look at me in class
I look at him
You try to get my attention
I look at him

At the dance, you ask me to dance
I sigh and say ok
You ask to take me home
I sigh and say ok

At my house, you say goodnight
I say goodnight
You try to kiss me
I say goodnight

When I wakeup in the morning
I think of you
I feel so terrible
For not paying attention to you

At school I look at you
You look at her
I try to get your attention
You look at her

As I see you sitting across from me
I remember all the fun we had
We were just little kids then
But I remember how we laughed

I remember I sat in front of you
And our friends across the way
How we would sit and talk to each other
And yell across the room

I remember the games we used to play
And the notes we used to pass
I remember how the teacher
Always yelled and screamed at us

But now I see you
Half grown up
And not longing for the old friend
You once found in me

Go or Stay?
I can't say yes
I can't say no
I'm stuck in the middle
With no place to go

I want you so much
But I can't stand your voice
I don't know what to do
I haven't a choice

I miss your face
Though it brings me to tears
I don't know if I
Can conquer my fears

To hug you and kiss you
Or push you away
I want you to go
But I want you to stay

Its crazy that I
Can't make up my mind
Should I stay here and love you
Or leave you behind

A dream
In my dreams we are one
Talking and having fun
Then you say you love me
I'm as stunned as one can be
I look deep into your eyes
And see you have told me no lies
I ask myself, "how can this be?"
How could a man like this
Have a love for the likes of me
Does he really want me for his?
You lean towards me
As if to kiss me
Gently running fingers through my hair
You try to tell me something
But I can only stare
Then I'm back in bed
On pillows gently I rest my head
My teddy resting in my arms
Safe in bed, away from all harms
And then I realize it was just a dream
A simple message from above
As I look around in my flashlights small beam
I silently cry, and wish for your love

The tears are falling
For him alone
His name, I'm calling
Sounds more like a moan

A moan of sorrow
A moan of regret
Through every tomorrow
I'll never forget

The look in his eyes
When he held me so close
Vacant of lies
And clearer then most

But that look hasn't been there
For quite a while
Just a empty stare
And an absent smile

The moons soft light
As I sit here under the moons soft light
And wish on a star as I do every night
My wish is for you to be by my side
So my feelings for you I won't have to hide

But in school its just as before
I shed a single tear as you walk out the door
I glance at my friend, she gives me this look
I simply shake my head as I put up my book

As I talk to her after school
I tell her I feel like such a fool
I tell her of the wishes each night
But that's all they are, wishes under the moons soft light

And then the next day you flash me a smile
My heart feels like I've just ran a mile
I see you are waiting beside the door
My heart beats faster then ever before

We walk out and stand beneath a tree
I glace at you and see you looking at me
I turn to say something as I look in your eyes
I can't say a word, I'm mesmerized

You lean down as if to give me a kiss
You whisper in my ear and say only this
I know of your wishes each night
Under the moons soft light

And then you give me a sweet soft kiss
I feel as if nothing can go amiss
You give me a hug and say goodbye

I sit on this evening under the sky
I do not know why but I start to cry
I thank the stars on this perfect night
As I sit here under the moons soft light

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