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Hopeless Love Quotes 2

Maybe there isn't a Mr. Right. Maybe there's a Mr. Good Enough.

you look, he looks, and you walk away wondering
if yours had the same affect

*I try to put on such an act around you. That way you can't see how much my heart breaks everytime you're near*~Me(Andrea)

*I want to tell you what I'm feeling, but I don't know where to start. I want to tell you everything, but I'm afraid you'll only break my heart. Why would something so easy, be so hard to do? When all I have to do is say I love you *This is our last's over, just hear this and then I'll go; you gave me more to live for then you'll ever know.*

*As I stared into your eyes, you asked me why I was about to cry, its because I knew you were going to say good-bye.*

"Don't cry for what might have been; don't live in the past. It was supposed to be forever, well forever never lasts. Lift your head and dry your tears, forget yesterday. We had the time of our life, but we must move on. Let it fade away."

I could fill a thousand pages telling you how I felt and still you would not understand. So now I leave without a sound except my heart shattering as it hits the ground.

It's kinda hard to go out with someone, when you know, deep down, you're still in love with somebody else.

I can put away the pictures, I can put the dreams aside, but I just can't seem to get you out of my mind.

And the sad part is, that no matter what goes on this year, when you come running back to me again, you know I'll be here.

"Promise me...that's all I want. Just a promise that you will never forget me. Tell me I changed you somehow. Let me know that I had an impact on your life. Promise me that you will always remember me. Losing you was hard enough, but I don't want to go on knowing I meant absolutely nothing to you. "

~If I could be an angel, I'd make your every wish come true, but I am only human, just a woman Loving you~

~Its funny how someone lives each and everyday of their life not knowing that their existance is the reason you live~

"People don't fall in love with what's right in front of them. People want the dream- what they can't have- the more unattainable, the more attractive."

"Look into my eyes for one moment and you will realize just how much you mean to me"

*Can you show me how I fell so far behind from the bottom of your heart to the back of your mind?*

"While they dance, how she holds him, pulls him close, while he dreams of another & counts the days untill he lets her go, same old story that everybody knows, one heart holding on...and the other letting go"
- (a country singer...cant remember who though)

"Though dreams can be deceiving like faces are to hearts, they serve for sweet relieving when fantasy and reality lie too far apart"

"Since you left, if you see me w/ another guy, seeming like I'm having fun...although he may be cute he's just a substitute because you're always the permanent one. So take a good look at my face: You'll see my smile looks out of place. If you look closer it's easy to trace the tracks of my tears."-Smokey Robinson

"I never thought I'd let someone do this to me
I am strong
I can create my own destiny
but everytime i close my eyes
your picture still remains
and evertime you screw up
my feelings stay the same."

"If you really love someone, you're willing to let go even if it hurts so bad. And when he/she comes back to you, that's TRUE LOVE."

****I've accepted that we can't be, but I've also accepted that you are going to be that one person I carry with me for the rest of my life, the one that is always going to make my heart jump a little and my stomack tie up in knots, no matter how happy I am otherwise and no matter how long it's been.****

There's someone else I'm finally thinking of. Someone else's smile is taking over my heart. I'm trying so hard not to let you know that I still am trying to let go. Ill be damned if I let you know...that I still find it hard to sleep at night. Someone else is making me smile but that doesn't mean I haven't stopped crying for you.

There's nothing wrong with listening to your heart sometimes, even if you know it'll lead to eventual pain, cause it'll all be worth it. I'm taking a risk with you and I would much rather be crying in a corner than wonder all my life, 'what if what if'.

Back to our lives, seperate from each other
and when you see me, when i see you
we'll pretend we do not know
one time we two were lovers. ~DMB~

It was raining outside and it was perfect timing because this way you couldn't tell that I was crying.

My smiles from now on will only be skin deep
Inside I am crying, this secret I keep
Never again will my soul be the same
You and I both know I lost in this game

Right now my pain is all I have that connects me to him, so I'm holding onto it

You will forever be my hearts greatest weakness

I guess Ill always wonder but I know Ill never ask

don't you understand that we are only holding onto each other because we're too scared to let go

it's always the same in every relationship, there is always one person crying and wishing to get back together, while the other doesn't even remember the things they've been through.  I hate that i have to be the one who remembers every little detail while you can't seem to remember me at all

a tightness in my chest and this yearning in my heart, what you're doing to me is tearing me apart. i wish that i could show you, tell you what you mean to me, but no matter what i say or do, the truth you'll never see. so what choices can i make? you just dont understand. i was meant to be your woman, but you'll never be my man


I'm gonna smile like nothing's wrong,
talk like everything's perfect,
act like it's just a dream,
and pretend he's not hurting me.

what you cant have you cant resist

~It's amazing after all we've been through, the good times and the bad, how we can walk by each other and pretend it never happened. Give each other a polite little awkward smile and then move on. We once were in love, what happened? I know I haven't let go, but have you? ~

"I wanted to tell him that I will never be sorry for loving him. That in a way I still do- that maybe I will always do. I'll never regret one single thing we did together because what we had was special. Maybe if we were ten years older it would have worked out differently. Maybe, I think, it's just that I'm not ready for forever."

I've been trying not to love you, I've been putting up a fight. I've been barely holding on, and letting go with all my might. There's a part of me that's empty, I know only love can fill. I'm afraid I'll never fill it, and scared to death I will

After all the times you've made me cry,
After all the times you've said goodbye,
After everything you've put me through,
After it all...I still love you

A great love?
Its when you shed a tear
and you still long for him
Its when he ignores you
and you still love him,
Its when he loves another
And you still smile
and say 'I'm happy for you'

As she sits upon her window sill, she knows that love, love is something she'll never feel.. and her tears keep her company... and she dreams of how it would be.. as she cries. ~Unknown

i wish i could turn time back to last year because if i knew then how i would feel about you now i would have taken a chance

Here they go again~the tears they fall~The sleep wont come~my eyes are red~my heart is sore and my strengths undone~i tried so hard to keep control and make you proud but once again ive lost myself beneath that cloud

"It has gotten to the point where if I had to choose between falling in love and reading a book about falling in love...I'd choose the book."~Nikos Kazananski

"I cry because I know he doesn't feel the same way I do, I cry because I think of how pathetic I am, and I cry because I think I'm going to be crying forever."

"Tell me, if I confess my feelings to you, will you say you feel the same? Or am I going to have to cringe and pretend I'm okay with your response when I'm really not?"

Hopeless Love Quotes

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