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Love Quotes 4

I dont know why I am still holding on, you cause me pain, you cause me tears, it obvious I need to let go, but I only hold on tighter... love is strange

I was over you, I didnt think of your smile, or dream of your kiss... then I saw you holding her in your arms for the first time, and suddenly I wanted you more then ever before

I had given up, I was never going to find the kind of guy I needed or wanted. Then you looked into my eyes and all at once I knew... it was you

i'm sorry it had to be like that cause it meant nothing to you, and everything to me...

Just because something ends doesn't mean it never should have been.

I'm firmly convinced that it's better to spend your time looking for someone who will treat you right, than to waste your time with someone who does you wrong

Its weird as it happens isn't it? You stil love the person, you just stop needing them them like you used to

As right as you two are for each other, it doesn't mean you're right for each other now

Someone asked me if I was over you I said no... the way I see it is if loving you makes me happy, why should I convice myself any different

When you lose someone you love, you never get over it, you just get used to it.

I'm glad I don't know everything about you, because every day you amaze me

I'm sick of liking you, I'm sick of dreaming about the chance with you, I'm sick of why can't I just get over you?

As I look back to all the smiles. back to the happy times, back to when we were me and you, and just so...together, I realize even though we were never a real couple, you were still the best relationship I ever had, even if you broke my heart

*He leaned over and kissed me.. and I kissed him back. And then, our eyes met and it was like, we both knew. So we smiled, and kissed again. It was so perfect.*

"You told me you loved me, I gave you my heart. Little did i know you'd tear it apart. You grasped my breath with that one look and with that breath, my heart you took."

"Some people think it's holding on that makes one strong -- sometimes it's letting go."

*Those's those eyes....because that's what I remember.....just those eyes looking at me, full of affection. Maybe it's really over, maybe it isn't....but I'll always remember those eyes*

*There are times at night where it feels as if I can still feel your arms around me....and those are the times that I cry because I know I'll never really feel them again*

*Why is it that you're the one who hurt me beyond belief and I don't hate you? I'm the one who cared for you more than anyone and you've ended up hating me*

*You'd think that after all this time, you'd be the last person in my thoughts.....but it's sad to realize that you're the first*

*Why can't I forget you? It's like you have the unbelieveable control over me that you just don't even know about....but it's like a personal prison*

*I know you no longer think about me....I'm not even in your thoughts....but I'd just like to I still in your dreams?*

Sometimes you'll kiss someone and know that's the person your supposed to kiss for the rest of your life.

My heart beats faster everytime you walk by, my eyes sparkle everytime I hear your voice, and I love you more everytime you smile at me.

Every ngiht before I go to bed I close my eyes and think abnout what I ever did to deserve you. Then I realize I didn't do anything... I just got lucky.

Sometimes I wonder what you think of me, or if you do at all.

A girl is much more than she seems,
Not a toy by any means,
Underneath her make-up and hair is a sign saying "Handle with care."

Theres not one day, one minute, or one second that goes by where i dont think of you.. you are always on my mind but it hurts so much to think that im probably not on urs"

Some days your the dog, and some days your the hydrant.

Im so confused.. i mean i wanna let go.. I wanna let go of all this pain that i cant take anymore but im affraid that you'll come back to me" -

When the door of happiness closes, another opens, but often times we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one that has been opened for us.

I couldn't help it when I started to cry, I've told myself that life's a lie, ...U know love sucks when your dreams slip away. I'd trade all my tomorrows for one yesterday

*You don't have to hold onto the pain to hold onto the memory*

*You hug him good-bye like it's nothing...while all you want to do is hold on
forever...but you let go, smile and walk away...then cry all the way home because you know it will never be the same...because try as you might you can't make someone love you, sometimes you have to let them be free...and letting go, that is when love hurts the most of all*


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