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Love Quotes 3

"A heart is not a play thing. A heart is not a toy.
But if you want it broken, then give it to a boy."

"When I met him, I liked him. When I liked him, I let him. When I let
him, I lost him."

Here we are..standing at some point in our lives where both of us are clueless. Somehow passing this point makes it too hard to go back, back to days where nothing mattered, where we lived carefree. Maybe somehow we need to go back, maybe we just aren't ready. I'm not sure, and I'm scared. I'm scared to ruin what we've already started, and scared to go on to something I can't handle.~Blair Meeks

"There are so many things I want to say to you but time's caught me up and now I'll never say them-except that I've loved you from the moment I saw you and every moment since."

"I can't even begin to explain all the thoughts and feelings that go trough my mind and my heart when I see you looking at me or hear your voice that I've kept memorized in my head and can hear in my sleep."

"Of all the boys I ever met, you're the one I wont forget, I know we cant be together, but to me my love will last forever. If I had one dream tonight it would be me and you, If I had one wish tonight I'd wish you loved me too..."

Always have hope for the guy who turns around when he's walking away.

Since the first time you ran your fingers through my hair, since the first time ourhands became one, since the first time your kisses took away my pain, I knew I'dnever be the same

"I love you for letting me feel what its like to have everything, But I hate you for letting me feel what its like to LOSE everything"

*don't stop, loving caring pleasing sharing, don't stop, kissing hugging cuddling staring, don't stop holding me so tight, being with you feels almost too right*

I spend my whole life building these walls so i wont get hurt so i wont get jealous and then some one like you comes along and just breaks them all down...

*I found the perfect guy for me, the only problem was I wasn't the perfect girl for him*

*itz amazing how the warm comforting streets we use to walk down have become so cold and dark now that ur not walking beside me* (Jessica Long)

*The world seemed so colorful when i had it to share w/ u... but now that i am by myself it seems so dull and blue* (Jessica Long)

"If you want something bad enough, it's worth waiting for."

"You're so afraid to continue what we have, you know something's there, you feel just as much as I do when you touch me, you like it just as much as I do when you kiss me, it's just you're pulling away now because you know that if you don't pull away soon you might find yurself falling in love and I don't think you're prepared for that."
--Allison Mosher

"You have so much power over me, you'd be suprised if only you knew...I wonder what you'd say if you knew that I woke up every morning with you on my mind, showering thinking of you, getting dressed thinking of you, listening to my music thinking of you, putting on my make up for you, fixing my hair for you, wearing skirts for you, lying out in the sun to be tan for you, sitting in school thinking of you, walking in the
hallways looking for you during and in between class, talking on the phone about you, lying in bed at night thinking of you, and falling a sleep thinking of you. If only you knew how you send my heart spinning everytime you look into my eyes and stare until we pass. If only you knew how everything around me darkens, the voices all around me fade, all I hear is my heart pounding, and all I see are your beautiful eyes staring into mine. If only you
knew how much you meant to me. I just wonder what you'd say.

"I'll go for miles till I find you. You say you want
to leave me but you can't choose. I've gone thru pain
every day and night, I feel my mind is going insane,
something I can't fight, Don't leave me"

"Pictures going through my mind, when we're together,
all these long and sleepless nights, will I ever get

The worst feeling in the world is loving someone, when they don't love you back. Your heart aches everytime you see them, knowing no matter how deep you look into their eyes, trying to reach their heart, you never will

Loving You

Another site for Poetry, quotes, etc... Its really good and some of my work is featured on the page.

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