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Love Quotes 9

He said he was in love with me... then he said he was through, all because he met you...

"There's a part of me that wishes all my dreams come true, and a part of me that prays that I'll wake up someday over you.. "

"I feel so lonely when I'm with you, but I'm so lonely when you're gone, cant live with you, cant live without you.. but I still hold on.."

Everyone tells me how much of an asshole you are, and I know it's true, but I also know I'd do anything to be back with you

And I know you're no good for me, but if you would ever decide you wanted me again, I know I couldn't pretend like I wouldn't take you back in a heartbeat

If I had the power to take my heart out of my chest and show you how many pieces you broke it into, would that atleast ruin your day?

"I walked outside and blew kisses into the sky, so one day you'll be sitting down, reading a book- or maybe taking a walk, and all of a sudden seemingly out of the blue, you'll stop to think of me, only it will be because those kisses finally found their way to you."

**They say kissing is the language of to indulge in a little conversation**

"you know when you hang up the phone after talking to someone you love, and you sigh, and whisper to that person, even though they cant hear you, I love you so much, why cant I tell you that?"

"You don't die of a broken heart, you only wish you did."

"All at once, I'm realizing you're not coming back."

"I'm just wondering, does it hurt you to look at all the places we've been? Do you get that tiny smile that tugs at your lips for one, small, insignificant instant and then it disapears as quickly as it came as the realization of what we have become hits you? I'm just wondering, does it hurt you when you are nearing that spot near the stairs, or the doorway, or that classroom where we used to stand together? Do you visualize my figure waiting there for you, only to discover that when you reach it, I'm nowhere in site? I'm just wondering, does it hurt you to know that I'm afraid to talk to you? What do I say to someone who has hurt me, confused me, and broken me beyond measures but whom I still love more than words can express? I'm just wondering, does it hurt you when my eyes meet yours and then dart quickly away? Does it bother you when I look at you with no expression and turn and walk the other way? I'm just wondering, does it hurt you to know that everytime I see you I feel like crying? That when I see your face something inside of me dies just a little bit more, or when I see you frown I want more than anything to kiss your pain all away, but then I realize I am your pain...I'm just wondering....wondering how you are feeling....wondering if you are hurting too..."

"I hate to dwell on something I can't change but it's one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made in my life. Just doing that one thing screwed up something with someone who could have changed my life. I talked about how much I love him, and that's how I express it? I really messed up bad this time and I don't think this is fixable. I could tell him I'm sorry until I ran out of breath and died and he still wouldn't forgive me. I don't expect him to forgive me. I don't even expect him to believe that I love him. I just wish he could find it in his heart to forgive me. Everyone makes mistakes. Doesn't he realize how hurt I am and how bad I feel? It's not like I don't know that what I did was wrong."

*i've said it a million times now.. one day i will get over u.. today is just not that day...tomorrow doesnt look so good either*

"sometimes you'll get your feelings hurt, a guy may break your heart. And once you think you have it all, your world may fall apart. But through your tears just try to smile, and push your fears away.. Cause nothing lasts forever but you'll have it all someday."

Love is a hoax. our emotions are all provoked by chemical reactions. it creates this euphoria that makes you stupid. it's all biochemistry.

all romantics are simply addicts

When you have moments like that one... You can't even imagine it won't stay that way.

i dont know what id do without you
i dont know where id be
you're not just another boy
you're everything to me

if we met tomorrow for the very first time
would it start all over again?
would I try to make you mine?

Just when i think im over you
I feel the pain again
Just when I thought we were done
Time has taught're the one

How do you prepare a heart to be broken,
or dreams to fall through.
How do you let go of a miracle,
That means everything to you.
How do you walk away,
with tears in your eyes.
Letting go isnt easy,
just pray you'll survive.