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Love Quotes 1

*I look at him and he looks back at me with his beautiful eyes, smiles, and it pathetically makes my day*

*Valentine's day is only in existence to pour lemon juice on the paper cut hearts of the unattached.*

*I couldn't help it when I started to cry, I've told myself that life's a lie, ...U know love sucks when your dreams slip away. I'd trade all my tomorrows for one yesterday.*

*You say I'm always happy, and that I'm good at what I do, but what you'll never realize is, I'm a damn good actress too*

*You hug him good-bye like it's nothing...while all you want to do is hold on forever...but you let go, smile and walk away...then cry all the way home because you know it will never be the same...because try as you might you can't make someone love you, sometimes you have to let them be free...and letting go, that is when love hurts the most of all*

*Mr. Right's coming. But he's in Africa... and he's walking.*

*I see him but he sees past me. I look in his eyes but he looks around me. Does he know what I see when he stares through me? I see him and I can't help watching him not watching me*

*Sometimes the one love you can't get over, is the one love you really never had.*

*Some people are just not meant to be in your life no matter how much you want them to be.*

*I loved you so much before I had my first chance with you. Then you gave me that chance of my lifetime. It was only for a short time, such a short time. Then as my life became filled with happiness and joy, you left me, without explanation. for days I questioned why, for many nights I cried. I promised myself I wouldn't hate you or regret meeeting you. But how could I anyway? You made me want to be a better person, you made me smile when I thought I couldn't, you turned my life around...and for this reason I know I'll love you forever.-Lisa Gilbert*

*You take the 'L' out of lover and it's over

*Missing you isn't the hardest part, knowing I once had you is what breaks my heart.*

*Guys are like stars,
There's millions of them,
But only one can make all of your dreams come true*

*How can an angel break my heart?..Why didn't he catch my falling star..I wish I didn't wish so hard..Maybe I wished our love apart*

*I know you're going and I can't make u stay I can only let you know I'll love you anyway...*.

*Love is a sensation, caused by temptation when a guy sticks his location in a girls destination to increase the population for the next generation. Do you get my explanation or do you need a demonstration?*

*..something I can't touch I always want way too much..*

*Nothing is more painful
Than realizing he
Meant everything to you
And you meant nothing to him.*

*I'm not kissing you, I'm whispering in your mouth!*

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